Individuality and social control

More test pieces,  this shadow show was projected on to tracing paper and filmed from behind.

Looking at the mechanised automatons I intended to protray this idea has been developed further:

legs I took a cropped photograph of the legs and feet of the figures.. and used this as the basis for a screen print..

The aim being to print the negative space only, emphasising the removal of humanity from the image.  IMG_5729IMG_5731

There is a curve along the base of the image.  My intention was to have them marching time around a treadmill, the radius of which is 60 cm.

However.. despite by best intentions.. the screen print came out with them marching  from left to write instead of the other way round… ANTI .. typical.

The final screen print I photocopied 12 times.. and fixed them in a circle.. the black and white photocopy being a ubiquitous symbol of our age.



Myers Briggs and Belbin

Both Myers Briggs and Belbin have developed psychological analysis tools to understand how different personalities function within an organisational setting.  Both emphasise that an organisation will function best with a variety of personality types each contributing a unique role.

At there is a description of the nine personality types that complement each other to produce the most well functioning team, with a balance between control, creativity, dogged delivery, accountability and outreach.  I could have forked £30 for an analysis of my own skills on line.

For me this is an exploration of the differences between

Monotony, Harmony and Cacophony.

Philosophical Aesthetics

Such an exciting course, and such a grandiose title, I want to go round announcing “err..umm..actually in my ..erm..studies of philosophical aesthetics … understanding of this area is ..blah blah..erm..ahem. blah…” people will think I look like this on the left, rather than that on the rightcaths blog 019

But given that Plato seemed to say it didn’t matter what is smelt, felt, seen or heard, these perceptions did not give knowledge.  Knowledge could only be experienced in the head.. a brain like that above is pretty much what would be needed.

Guillermo Vargas , also known as Habacuc

This inforamtion is off Wikipedia………

Habacuc is a Costa Rican artist who caused huge controversy when he included in an exhibition in Nicaragua a dog tied to the wall with a the title above it You Are What You Read written in spanish on a wall using dog biscuits to make the script; rumours spread through the media that the dog had been left until it died of starvation.  In fact the gallery confirmed that the dog was found on the street in an emaciated state, and only was in the gallery tied up for 3 hours before it escaped.

However Habacuc’s comments on the artwork and the whole controversy are very interesting:

Vargas himself refused to comment on the fate of the dog, but noted that no one tried to free the dog, give it food, call the police, or do anything for the dog. Vargas stated that the exhibit and the surrounding controversy highlight people’s hypocrisy because no one cares about a dog that starves to death in the street. In an interview with Vargas explained that he was inspired by the death of Natividad Canda, an indigent Nicaraguan addict who was killed by two rottweilers in Cartago Provine, Costa Rica, while being filmed by the news media in the presence of police, firefighters, and security guards.

Joyce Gunn Cairns

Joyce is a wonderful artist and friend whose work has often inspired me.  I told her about the sagas with Tescos and the Police.. and she sent me this poem and sketch she did from the photo of a frog in her friends garden (bet it is glad it doesn’t hang out near the A68).

Here’s the Kathleen Jamie.  It is absolutely to the point, esp the last three verses. ! !

But for her green
palpitating throat, they lay
inert as a stone, the male
fastened like a package
to her back.  They became,
as you looked, almost
beautiful, her back
mottled to leafy brown,
his marked with two stripes,
pale as over-wintered grass.
When he bucked, once,
neither so much as blinked;
their oval, gold-lined eyes
held to some bog-dull
imperative. The car
that would smear them
into one – belly
to belly, tongue thrust
utterly into soft brain –
approached and pressed on
Oh how we press on –
the car and passengers , the slow
creatures of this earth,
the woman by the verge
with her hands cupped.
joyces frog

ARRESTABLE?/INCIDENT 232 or The Death of a Toad on a Road

IMG_5560These are photos of the final piece presented for the brief Inside Outside.  In the end I titled it


Toad: Bufo Bufo (Common Toad); Road: A68

31st August 2009

Mixed Media

The intervention of the saga with the police meant new and additional themes became involved in the thought processes underpinning this work.. IMG_5555