Song Dong

At New Yorks MoMA the Beijing Artist Song Dong had this huge installation which comprised the entire contents of his mothers home.  Having lived through the Cultural Revolution and experienced extreme poverty and deprivation and years of rationing his mother had learned to never throw anything out.  In these modern times of consumption which require a ‘throw-away’ society her habits caused huge problems for her family as the house became more and more cluttered.  Song Dong persuaded his mother to participate in this project and it became a means of making sense of all her carefulness over the years.  It took many months to put the exhibition together, packing everything up in China and then unpacking it all carefully in New York and displaying.  Shortly after the exhibiton opened she died.  IMG_5442

The photo above is one taken from floor level, and the one below is from two floors above the exhibition.

Texas 2009 012