Vija Celmins

I saw several of Vija Celmins works at the Gallery of Modern Art and was amazed by them.  First reaction was how beautiful, second reaction.. what is this, how did she do it?  The night skies are very striking for me as I have spent a lot of time looking at the night sky and yet her paintings of it look familiar and strange at the same time.  Apparently she used photos from the Hubble Telescope, maybe several taken of the same part of the sky, from which to work.

night sky #2

This is called Night Sky #2 and is described as Alkyd on Canvas.  But below is artist_rooms__web1_by_vija_celmins

Web #1 which is graphite on paper.  In the various interviews I have read she describes herself working over and over at an image, putting it on, sanding it down, adding another layer, so that some of her night skies took years.  And some of her work is just graphite, but then there are also paintings and screen prints.CelminsBigSea


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