Research into recycled materials for Granton Pier project:


Thai Monks from Sisakaset province built their Buddhist Temple entirely from recyled bottles:


and in fact now a brief search on the web has turned up dozens of people who have built buildings from bottles dating back to early 20th Century.  This link takes you to just one example, but there are lots and also varied levels of sophistication.:

Nearly all builders seem to be using cement of some kind between the bottles, exept for those using the Heineken WOBO bottle which had flat sides and was therefore more suited to being directly piled up.


I like the work of this man who decided to cover the wall of his house with flattened drinks cans as it was so much cheaper than brickwork:

..”Van Os Keuls prepares the cans in small batches — three to twelve at a time. Each can is washed to avoid attracting ants; then it is smashed, twice. Wearing heavy-soled construction boots, he first stomps each one with his feet and then further flattens it with a sledge hammer. Hammering rounds the corners so the cans can’t cut anybody who leans up against the wall. Each can, secured with a long aluminum nail, overlaps the previous one.”


The above was found at

Also Val Hunt has done some brilliant but totally different stuff with recycled rubbish, mainly drinks cans and she is found on where I found this picture of hers:


Not sure this is helpful for building.

Plastic Bottles:

Artist Jasmine Zimmerman has built this igloo and other shelters and structures to bring attention to the lack of recycling provision.. I found her also on a site for urban architecture and art:



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