Research on the beach – Day 4

Where does all that water come from?

More horizontal weather, extreme storms previous night, went down to the beach armed with boards to paint, and oils.  Low tide, huge piles of seaweed swept onto the high tide line, with big rocks still attached and tossed about.

very heavy showers blowing from the west with beautiful sunny spells in between.  Found a nook in the rocks to shelter me from the worst of the weather when it hit.. did a painting of the view.. difficult to get colours right.. so used the chocolate box lid approach and painted the hills purple.. actually they were a dusky greenish blueish..

IMG_5145When I started it was low tide, but by the time I had finished the sea was only 3 feet from my 2 feet.  Amazing how quickly it comes in when I am busy!


and when finished tide it to a tree just above the high tide for weatherwork


Just as I finished off the sea changed colour to this amazing brilliant colour and a huge rainbow appeared.. photos don’t do it justice:IMG_5162

I tried to capture the amazing colours in the sea.. and in fact the sea contributed to the painting:IMG_5166


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