Research on the beach – Day 2

Headed to beach.. weather headed for me.. horizontally.  Retreated to house to borrow sisters tent.. returned to beach and huge amounts of flapping material and arms, multicoloured poles of varying lengths, holes in funny places. 


Battled with tent for an hour.. tent won.  Took it back to the house soaking wet in two loads as it refused to go back in its bag.  Very wet and cross. Plans awry.

Moved into the woods just above the beach where it felt very still compared with the whooshing wildness.. and realised that there is nothing quite like the rain finally penetrating to ones underwear to raise awareness of the present moment.  Thought of Amabel Gooch equally feeling frustrated with the weather in these woods (her paintings mostly have decent weather and still waters).. 


..and then had a go at painting the scene on the beach.. it got a bit wild, oil paints and water getting everywhere, board being buffeted..


I left both paintings where they were done to dry (haha).. for the weather to complete.


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