Sarah Sze – Tilting Planet

sarahsze_0261Sarah Sze has an exhibition on at the Baltic Flour Mill just now, and it is site specific in the sense that it is unmovable, the whole gallery space has been used right up to the very high ceiling.  Her installation uses all kinds of everyday objects, often brightly coloured, bits and pieces of wool, fabric, plastics, machines of various kinds such as desk top lights fans fish tank pumps, arranged in strange and delicate constructions that all interlink.  Her constructions are beautiful and very delicate, with the little movements within them that will cause their deconstruction, such as a pump bubbling away water, a fan moving a weight on a line of wool delicate nudging away at a pile of salt.  There were a series of little communities all interconnected by delicate threads.  Clearly a delicate structure designed not to last constructed out of throwaway human junk.

There is a lovely quote in the gallery guide to the exhibition:


“When looking at the stuff used to make contemporary art there is baltic-2choften a nagging suspicion that things mean things.  That there is a metaphorical significance for the materials the artist has chosen.  Understand this significance and the art is unlocked….  Sze eschews the urge to confuse the art with the artist.  There are no hidden meanings; the significance of her materials is that they are universally insignificant.”


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