Conrad Shawcross – Pre-retroscope

There is another exhibition on at the Baltic at the moment called called A Duck for Mr Darwin, about evolutionary thinking and the struggle to exist, to which several contemporary artists have contributed. Andrew Dodds has produced a short film of two giant Galapagos turtles struggling unsuccesfully to mate, and the sounds of their frustrated grunts fills the gallery. Tania Kovats has set up a giant wormery in which we can see the worms going about their business behind a glass wall providing a cross-section of the earth.

Conrad Shawcross has built this beautiful boat with a special tracking circle built on to it to take panoramic film rotating around the boat. In the gallery the camera is replaced by a projector and screen displaying his journey.  The boat at the Baltic was a small rowing boat rather than a kayak, but otherwise was similar.



One thought on “Conrad Shawcross – Pre-retroscope

  1. sorry, another comment from me, but when i searched up conrad shawcross on google images your page came up, and i recognised it at first but thought nothing of it, then I saw the granton pier stuff and came to a dramatic realisation 🙂

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