Elizabeth McAlpine

Ed, who has kindly supplied me with Standard 8 film told me about this artist, he had just been to her current show at the Laura Bartlett Gallery in London. The Gallery website described her work as being film sculptures, fantastic constructions one of which was using 6 Super 8 projectors cycling the same loop of white film with a occasional red frames.
I have three old projectors for Standard 8 film, and each is completely different, made by a different manufacturer, makes a different noise and has different individual annoying way of snarling up the film. Using the projectors as the art work, rather than what they are projecting is rather nice.
I found the piece below on her website.. which I think is brilliant and works on so many different levels.
“98m” (the hight of the Campanelie, San Marco, Venice)
Date: 2005
Size: 145 x 21.4 x 73.3 cm,
Super 8 mm film, projector, wood, glass.
Description: A duration of 20 minutes of Super 8 mm film plays on a loop. Footage that pans from the base of the Campanile in Venice to the top is projected in postcard size onto the wall. The film falls and loops within a glass structure, visible to the viewer. McAlpine has used 98 metres of Super 8 mm film to film the 98 metre high structure of the Campanile.



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