Little Nipper

144_4471_r11The brief was to produce a 3d piece of work on the theme of protection.  This purpose of this work is to look at proportionate responses to threat, on a small scale domestically, or a larger scale nationally.

It is titled after the name on the mousetrap, but I was also considering other titles: Shock and Awe; David and Goliath; Collateral Damage.  The way it works is that when someone attempts to take a chocolate from the tin the mousetrap goes off, tugging a wire which releases the very very heavy large rock hanging overhead it.  The rock then falls inflicting serious injury on the person underneath.  It will probably also destroy the chocolates and the tin, and possibly the plinth as well.

144_4475_r1The idea for how this would work was very simple, mousetrap tugs wires through to right angle joints to pull pin sideways releasing rock to fall.   However the force of the mousetrap was only just strong enough using maximum leverage and therefore the hook holding the rock had to balanced right on the edge of its pine, making it precarious.



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