Jane Frere – Return of the Soul

Last summer during the festival I went to see an exhibition at Patriothall called Return of the Soul designed and organised by Jane Frere.  It was about the ethnic cleansing of Palestine which occurred in 1948, atocities committed by the new Israeli army and permitted by the British Army which should have been prevented by the British Army occupying the land under the terms of the British Mandate.   750,000 palestinians were driven from their homes, a number which has now swelled to over 4 million living in a state of limbo in refugee camps with nowhere to go.   Jane Frere spent time living as an artist in residence with Palestinian Refugees and this exhibition was made during that time.  The figures were made by the women she worked with and capture a people hanging in limbo, on the move with no where to go.


Having seen this exhibition I read Ilan Pappe’s book on the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.


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