Tacita Dean

Just leaned about this artist who was nominated for the Turner Prize in 1998 (the year Chris Ofili won). There is a series of huge blackboards with chalk drawings on called the Roaring Forties done by her hanging in the Tate.. they blew me away with their atmosphere and beauty.  

She made films as well, and started out with a Standard 8 like mine and black and white film.  For the Turner prize she used 16mm film, and used Foley artists to make a sound track.. basically people who make sounds like footsteps or falling or kissing etc in a studio whilst watching the film for which they are making the sounds..  I love this idea.  I downloaded sounds off the internet for the onion movie but it was too easy and there was no intelligence in the process.

For her Turner competition entry there was another piece about disappearance at sea inspire by the very sad story of Donald Crowhurst who competed in the Round the World solo yacht race but ended up losing his mind and disappearing.. Deans piece featured a lighthouse beaming out across the sea., I found it very moving


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