Torso 2009, or So, what are you looking at.

img_4311I made this on 5th January, intending to make a torso which I could then cast, however, it communicates more as it is.  The torso is of a woman who has had a mastectomy and breast reconstruction.  

The thoughts behind it are about the female body as private property, as public property and in the context of the feminist agenda.  

It is also, about perfection through imperfection, and about the inner self and the outer self.. and the spirit within.


2 thoughts on “Torso 2009, or So, what are you looking at.

  1. the torso is me……..ever since the surgery i’ve felt i wanted to make the scar into some kind of artwork. most people will probably look at this and think, well, it looks perfectly normal, there’s nothing to see. which boob is the “normal” one and which is reconstructed (deconstructed?)……so it’s my secret. just like the cancer was there probably for years, causing no pain or symptoms, hidden in the tissue. i look “fine” now but i have scars that still hurt, physical and mental. my surgeon is a scupltor whose material is the bodies of women (and some men)…..and this is the result…….

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