AVI breakthrough

Thanks to Jenny.. I have finally produced a 5 minute video which is saved on to a DVD and can actually be viewed and I am thrilled.  It bears only a passing resemblance to my original concept.. which was using the metaphor of peeling off the layers of internal chaos and noise in search of serenity.  After sitting in front of the Apple Macs in the learning street for days and having it repeatedly lose all my work I was so fed up and furious creating a piece and about inner peace was just out of the question.  I spent all day yesterday and with a few lucky breaks and some fiddling around finally reached a point where I was wanting to save to disk.. and then got thoroughly stuck as having BURNED it on to my DVD the damn machine would not play it and I feared all would be lost for the fifth time..I was totally despondent.. BUT JENNY TO THE RESCUE.. she can work these machines and established that my dvd would work on her laptop.

Inspired my experiences with IMoVIE and the very domestic nature of some of my favourite shorts I spent all day today on another movie developing the theme on the use of onions. Another nightmare saving it.. taken me another 2 afternoons and 3 dvds.  There is bad karma with me and the macs.


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