fighter-planesI just don’t get Gerhard Richter, and I feel bad about it as everyone else seems to love his stuff.  I don’t like his photo drawings, they make me want to rub my eyes to focus better even though I know he has deliberately blurred the images.  The effect on me is one of coldness and detachment.  I don’t like the huge abstract paintings either, although they may be technically very accomplished, I find the deliberate absence of any emotion strange.  I can completely understand why Richter should not wish any message to be ‘read’ from his work, given his childhood and youth under first Nazism and then Stalinism and his art rich61training in Socialist Realism.  I also have some sympathy with his tight control over his work, how it is catalogued and presented.. but I don’t find it attractive and for the time being that is just that.


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