kerry_marksNeither of these artists were metioned in the list of artists and I am wondering why, I must ask..maybe just there are an infinite number to choose from and to get a cross section choices have to be made.

 I like Barbara Rae’s bold and cheerful use of colour and the inspiration she takes from landscapes even tho her paintings are much closer to abstract than litoral portrayals of reality.  When I look at her paintings of Ballachulish Quarry and the Beach at Ardtoe, both places I know very well, I don’t see familiar views or landmarks, but I do detect an atmosphere that are familiar.  This is an extract of an essay by  Bill Hare written in 2003 to accompany an exhibitionin Ireland:

“The blood-soaked, joyous story of Ireland which, like Scotland’s, is embedded in its landscape, has been continuously recited and recalled through both ancient and modern verse. Even though an outsider, but also a fellow Celt, Barbara Rae, by the sympathetic power of her art, continues that illustrious bardic tradition. Her paintings, such as Kerry Marks .. with their extremely condensed and simplified compositional structure and intense luminosity of colour share the same aura of power and spirituality that is found in illuminated manuscripts and standing stones of Ireland.”

joan-eardley-winter-sun-no1-1963Joan Eardley is a predecessor of Rae and her landscapes are not as abstract, but are moving in that direction, becoming more wild in their use of material and in the emphasis on atmosphere and capturing the moment rather than exactly painting the view.  A small photo like this really does not do justice to the brilliant unconstrained wildness of some of her seascapes including this one.. I found her large seascape paintings totally mesmerising and the waves seeemed to develop and crash before my eyes.


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