On my way back from work yesterday I managed to get to Yorkshire Sculpture Park for 30 mins just before it closed.. being able to wander between the beautiful trees full of red and yellow autumnal colouring on that wonderful hillside location felt very moving.  You have to be there to appreciate the enormous majesty of many of the pieces.. this little movie clip I took is of Jonathan Borosky’s Molecule Man.. difficult filming as the ground was slippery with mud ..

I am so pleased to have seen this because I had never heard of Borofsky before and have now done a bit more research into him and feel very moved by his work. 

He described his ideas about molecule man as follows:

“Originally, I was fascinated by this molecule idea because of the simple fact that even though we appear to be quite solid, we are in fact composed of a molecule structure which, in itself is mostly composed of water and air. For me, this hundred-foot tall aluminum sculpture composed of three figures meeting in the center, not only refers to the lightness inside our own solid bodies, but also the figures joining in the center, refer to the molecules of all human beings coming together to create our existence.”



walkingtotheskynyca07y1I found he has also a done a series of wonderful pieces called WALKING TO THE SKY installed in various public locations which according to Borofsky are about “a celebration of the human potential for discovering who we are and where we need to go.” I find everything about this piece satisfying, the idea, the optimism and hope expressed, the huge size and the fact it makes the viewer gaze upwards to see the figures shrinking as they disappear, the combination of figures: a little girl with pigtails, a business man, a young man in a teeshirt.. and just the look of the thing.






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