Barbara Hepworth: Family of Man

Again at the sculpture park I walked among Hepworth’s Family of Man, as they stood on a sloping bit of ground gazing over woods and across the valley.  To be able to get up close and see how huge these figures were and the marks of her chisel upon their surfaces, and to look through them to one another was very moving.  The looked both brittle and stiff, and therefore fragile given the needs of a changing environment, but also strong given their size and material (bronze).  As yet I have not been able to track down any quotes from Hepworth about her inspiration for these sculptures.. other than that growing up in Yorkshire she was transfixed by the thought of industrial cities springing out of rural natural beauty, and with the tension between the inner and the outer.  These are photos I took at the YSP yesterday.


One thought on “Barbara Hepworth: Family of Man

  1. More information on Hepworth, her influences and the forthcoming Hepworth Wakefield which opens September 2010 on my blog dumblikeapainter at wordpress.

    YSP is a wonderful place and Family of Man works so well in the landscape there, my kids adore the sculptures.

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