Tony Cragg

bent-of-mind-craggI hadn’t registered the name of Tony Cragg until I heard him speaking on the video today, but I have just been looking at his work and thought I would attach these two photos.  The bronze is called ‘state of mind’ and the polished stainless steel one is called point-of-view-cragg‘point of view’.  I particularly like the fact the ‘point of view’ is positioned to look over the wall, and that you can see the photographer reflected in its shiny surface.


 Rodin – the thinker


Well it has to be Rodin doesn’t it, for expressiveness, muscularity, humanity and reality contained in his work.  I spent ages wondering round The Kiss in Cardiff’s Art Museum, a bequest from two Welsh sisters who built a fantastic art collection and left it to the city as a legacy.  Rodin was a giant figure and just so astonishingly productive..  Watched a video today of other sculptors talking about Rodin, and Tony Cragg said of ‘The Thinker’ that it just was not a thinking pose, it suggested much more than is captured in the title of the piece.  I found it helpful to hear another sculptor venturing to say this, as I have looked at the is statue and the title in the past and felt a discord but wasn’t sure why.  In Damien Hirst’s work the title of a piece is often strangely discordant and it reminds me that the naming of a piece can be important.  I have never made anything worth naming.. todays piece could have been called ‘for recycling’.


fighter-planesI just don’t get Gerhard Richter, and I feel bad about it as everyone else seems to love his stuff.  I don’t like his photo drawings, they make me want to rub my eyes to focus better even though I know he has deliberately blurred the images.  The effect on me is one of coldness and detachment.  I don’t like the huge abstract paintings either, although they may be technically very accomplished, I find the deliberate absence of any emotion strange.  I can completely understand why Richter should not wish any message to be ‘read’ from his work, given his childhood and youth under first Nazism and then Stalinism and his art rich61training in Socialist Realism.  I also have some sympathy with his tight control over his work, how it is catalogued and presented.. but I don’t find it attractive and for the time being that is just that.

This is a rant..

I have now totally WASTED 3 AFTERNOONS plus a lot of mental energy trying to produce a piece of film work on the horrid apple macs and the even beastlier iMOVIE and have absolutely nothing to show for it thanks to the bloody programs crashing twice and stuffing up my flip camera when i tried to save to it.  This rant is to remind me that I AM ABSOLUTELY NOT GOING TO BE TEMPTED TO WASTE ANY MORE TIME ON THIS until I have caught up with the 2d project which has been delayed by this wrteched frustrating wasteful timewaster.

Carving exercise

141_4184 First exercise in Carving involved filling a cardboard box with plaster of paris. The volume was so large it required three buckets to fill it, and the junction between two of the layers must have had water in it or the mix was wrong as it resulted in a soft layer that ran through the whole piece.  Initially I excavated the soft layer intending to fill it in, but then I decided I quite liked it there..

I had feeling the head as it appears here was not quite finished and so over the Christmas holidays have revisited it to expose the skull underneath on her right hand side.  After all, we are all more or less the same underneath.