Weighty stuff

These are some of the other thoughts about weight I have cogitated over the last few weeks.. before my mind meandered off in a more theoretical direction..

We have this redundant cast iron fire surround sitting in our toilet.. framing a blank bit of wall.  I was contemplating how individuals perceive through bars of our burdens the lightness of freedom.. not sure if this idea works.


Does any one want the fire surround.. it is available to be collected.. provide your own sky.




Then I was thinking more about heavy burdens in a very literal sense and this is a quick sketch.. trying to make weight look weighty





And then my mind wandered around the thought that when you are doing a drawing it is just a line on paper.. the weight is conceived in the mind of the viewer.. so these two drawings are playing with that idea.. one drawing makes sense to the mind.. but the other does not.. with that load the thin man underneath should at least look as though he is straining.. instead he is just a little peeved.



So in the next drawing I wanted to experiment with making two objects of the similar shape appear to be of different  weights .. starting with the idea of something the shape of a metal bar.  I might come back to this again.. as the lighter bar is too translucent and ghostly.  I want it to appear lightweight, but still a physical reality..



Ideas about physical realities led towards thoughts about large passenger aircraft.. boeings.. and how a 100 tonne dead weight at one end of a runway is lighter than air by the other end of the runway.. of course it still has the same weight, but as air passes over the wings they generate lift with increasing strength as speed increase..  You can see this if you look at a large jet about to take off on a long haul flight: at the start of the runway the wings positively droop towards the ground, with increasing airflow over them they move gradually upwards until at takeoff they skywards.  My painting shows what happens and here is a photo of Boeings new plane to prove the point.


And positively the last in my blog backlog on this subject..


I was struck by how lightweight are words applied to the really huge financial mess made by the banks, hedge funds and other corporate gamblers: bubble, billions, trillions, derivatives (expensive bubbles), greed, bail outs, bonuses..  And in contrast, how heavyweight are the words used to describe the consequences for the poorer individuals and nations, debt, insolvency, unemployment, repossession, hunger.  So  I tried doing a collage exploring this idea using cuttings taken from the newspapers when the crisis was dominating the news.  Again, I am not convinced this is finished.. and it is horribly unsubtle.. but I just felt so angry at the time i wanted to do something to mark the injustice.


3 thoughts on “Weighty stuff

  1. Hmmm lots of thoughts up there so it make take time for all of that to form a spectrum of response! However, what I have noticed about the reportage on the “Credit Crunch” is the abundance of esoteric statistics as well.

    Think what may be interesting if the collage “Spiralled” into something more positive or different?

    The “Full Description” in the link is quite artistic…..


  2. also reminded of the passage we heard read on Sunday in church where Jesus laid into the rich and powerful people…..”Woe to you, scribes and pharisees, you hypocrites! you tie up heavy burdens and lay them on people’s backs, and won’t lift a finger to help them!”……….it reminded me of the “burden of debt” that the poor carry, and who laid it on them?………

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