I have this project to produce drawings in response to the word weight.  It is a purely a means of measurement, but of what?  There are units: gms, kgs, lbs, tonnes and tons of units presumably a different one for every unique society in the world.  And the same object would weigh a different number of kgs if measured on the earth or the moon.. so gravity has a bearing with Einstein and Newton getting involved.  The same object will weigh a different amount if still of moving, eg an aircraft becomes lighter as it accelerates.. actually the wings generate lift acting upwards whilst the weight still acts downwards due to graavity.. so maybe that is a red herring.

And in a drawing does everything have to be explained.. a picture of an apple falling is synonymous with Einstein..

This is what wikipedia has on weight: Weight is a property of matter on the earth. The earth pulls matter to it. This pull is called weight. The matter pulls the earth too. Things weigh different when they are at sea level and on top of a mountain.The weight of a thing can be measured with a scale. The weight is a number showing how much the earth pulls the matter. The number needs a unit of measurement to be useful. The unit of weight used in science and engineering is the Newton, which is actually a unit of force. This is because weight is nothing more than a force.


3 thoughts on “Weight

  1. Hmmm perhaps you should consider the non-scientific meanings of “weight” i.e. burden, load, heaviness of typeface, thickness of cloth etc. I remember a female artist who did amazing paintings of fabric…. I’ll research more & get back to you.

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