weight and memories

I read this Haiku by Jim Norton:

You walking ahead

the grass springing back

erases your steps

 and it got me thinking about the memory stored by a weighty imprint upon a soft surface.  Yesterday I went for a walk in a blizzard on a mountain top; our footprints in the snow were gone very quickly and the memory of our presence lost.  I wanted to store my partners presence when she went off on a trip to Iona.. and took her imprint on the turf and froze it with wet plaster.  Bad news for the worms… also the grass went a  bit brown and scummy .. so as a method of preservation of someone’s presence it needs refining.

rain-shadow-by-andy-goldsworthyJohns comments on this post have had me looking at Andy Goldsworthy.. similar thoughts about capturing a time and presence.. When Goldsworthy made the piece below I hope he was wearing a raincoat.. oh John says he wasn’t!




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