is it Art?


I was going round the Tracey Emin Retrospective and I listened to a lot of extreme views of others present: it is wonderful; it is rubbish; is it art etc, and all these appeared again and again in the Visitors Book at the exit of the exhibition.  I found myself chewing over what is and what isn’t ART more generally.  Actually I think her work is energising and provocative and feminine and feminist and makes me think, and absolutely reflects contemporary society and contemporary values..  I made this piece to ask the question about where should the question be asked, I wonder why it isn’t in front lots of other art works.. such as ‘Landform’, which is in the grounds in front of the Museum.  In the Emin exhibition there is certainly plenty of evidence of life, Landform often strikes me as sterile.. the only pond in Edinburgh with no ducks.